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Friday, November 1

What Did I Do Everyday ??

Every time's people ask me "How's Your Day?"
Just Like what Harith Iskandar mention in LWD2..My answer is..O.K.
That's all?

YES!! That's All...Seriously.
What the hell did i do ??
Get to work everyday didn't knowing what i do.
yes i do work,but just a typical work
Even a Robot knows what they do. 
You Know,The ADVANCE ONE..not the stupid one.

Yes,people...Sorry to say my days maybe less or not always remarkable everyday. It just that everyday i go to work..then i go back home talk to my girl on the phone. Then get some rest. That's all..Nothing extraordinary. No going to watch cinema with friends or go hangout. My life didn't have all that..Pathetic isn't it??.
 I know it can be better..but this is my lifestyle as i always like quite and peaceful place. It doesn't bored me at all. I didn't like doing extreme stuff or go hangout with friends. I do have friends yeah! :P..
I didn't like to hangout just to have chitchat..cause i am not a chatter at all,truly.
Maybe sometimes i am into sports too..but not always.

Sometimes,i too want to disappeared and go on an adventure.

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